Imposing views?

It is a common refrain from the “pro choice” community: “Well, I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I don’t want to impose my view on others.” With this statement, they hope to cover both sides of the issue. They wish to satisfy those opposed to abortion by appearing to agree with their deeply held beliefs, as well as abortion advocates, who will be happy as long as the individual keeps these beliefs to themselves.

But this position is not logical, nor does it hold to the same standards as the individual’s other views. During the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden said he accepts that life begins at conception, but “I just refuse to impose that on others.” Really? Why would he not want to “impose” his view on others? He has no trouble imposing his economic views on others. He has no trouble imposing his view of healthcare on others. Indeed, in seemingly every other area of public policy, Mr. Biden has no trouble telling the country what to do. It’s what leaders do. They make law based on what they believe to be right and wrong. And once it is law, you could say, it is “imposed on others.” Since abortion was declared to be legal, that view has been imposed on over 50 million babies, who were never given the chance to live. So when Mr. Biden attempts to dodge responsibility with his answer, he demonstrates how responsible he really is.

What good is a personal view that life begins at conception if you will do nothing with it? If you really do believe that life is life once it is conceived, then how can you justify not protecting it? Further, how can you justify not only allowing life to be killed, but fighting to make sure it remains legal for that life to be killed? That is illogical to me.

Each year more than 1,000,000 Americans are murdered in the womb. And we have a chance to drastically reduce, if not stop, this number. Biden admitted toward the end of the debate, “[T]he next president will get one or two Supreme Court nominees. That’s how close Roe v. Wade is [to being overturned].” He then went on to contradict himself, suggesting Republicans would nominate someone from the “far right” who would outlaw abortion, while saying his party would nominate someone who is “open-minded.” So they want someone open-minded, yet someone who will not even consider overturning an unjust law such as Roe v. Wade.

But on the matter of abortion, Biden’s administration is more culpable of imposing its pro-abortion view on others than perhaps anyone before. Its official party platform declares that anyone should be able to have an abortion, even if the government must take money from someone else to cover the cost. It is forcing employers – even religious employers – to pay for insurance that covers contraception and other abortifacients, even if doing so violates the employer’s religious beliefs. That is blatantly imposing their view on abortion on everyone else.