Shaking My Head

Remember the name Bart Stupak? He was considered a pro-life Democrat from Michigan, and he and a coalition of other so-called pro-life Democrats almost stopped Obamacare. Those who knew the bill and what could and most certainly would happen urged him to keep his stand against it, but he caved to a “compromise” from President Obama, who issued an executive order that would supposedly keep public funding out of elective abortions. Despite the urging, and even the words of the abortion lobby, who said the executive order was meaningless, Stupak gave in, and believed that the most pro-abortion President in U.S. history would put limits on abortion coverage in his signature healthcare bill.

Now that it is obvious what the legislation has done, Stupak says he is disappointed in the President.

Now, Stupak…admits the new Obama HHS mandate, that forces religious groups to pay for and refer women for abortion-causing drugs, violates Obamacare and the executive order.

“I am perplexed and disappointed that, having negotiated the Executive Order with the President, not only does the HHS mandate violate the Executive Order but it also violates statutory law,” he said.

You can see the video here of his comments here.

But Mr. Stupak, if we, the general public, could see what was coming in this legislation, why couldn’t you? The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, who would strip Stupak of its “Defender of Life” award, warned each member of Congress how bad the bill was for the unborn. It went so far as to say: “Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this healthcare bill can no longer call themselves ‘pro-life.’”

We knew what was coming. Why couldn’t you see it, sir? Not only is taxpayer money being used to fund abortion, but even religious organizations are being forced to offer health insurance plans that pay for contraception and other abortifacients, even if doing so violates their religious principles. To be fair, I don’t know how many in the pro-life movement saw the HHS mandate, but we knew the kind of power the bill gave to the HHS.  And we knew the kind of politician Barack Obama is.  Obamacare can rightly be called the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

Did you really not know the kind of politician our President is? Or did you simply not read the bill? Whatever it was, you cannot say we did not try to warn you. Nor can you claim you did not help this debacle happen. This is a sad story, to which we can only shake our heads.