Throwing Gas on the Fire

When the Obama administration took office, one of the things I immediately feared was a dramatic rise in gasoline prices.  Thankfully it did not happen right away, but it is now finally happening.

It is absolutely no surprise.  Obama and his kind of liberals want gas prices high, in order to force Americans into using more “renewable” kinds of energy or use less energy altogether.  Obama has been quoted as saying he was not disappointed gas prices rose to the 4 dollar a gallon level in 2007, only that it got there so fast.

Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, said in 2008: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

And they are well on their way.  The democrats in Congress helped get gasoline to the $4 mark initially by blocking attempts to drill domestically, making any drilling incredibly difficult, and putting burdensome and nonsensical regulations and taxes on oil companies.   Obama has single-handedly shut down oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, while financing oil drilling operations in Brazil. (No joke)

Get ready – gas prices probably won’t be going down any time soon.  And may I remind you who is hurt the most by this: the poor.  When the price of a necessity such as getting to and from work goes up, the ones with the least suffer the most.

For more on how the Administration is negatively affecting energy prices, read this article from the Heritage Foundation.