Go Vote!

On election night in 2008, I said that I wanted to go sign up to help at my local republican headquarters immediately, because in two years, the country would be ready to throw out almost every single democrat.  I don’t remember completely why I said that.  Part of it was out of frustration, as I knew that we had just elected a radical man from the far left, who would do untold damage to the country.  And in two years the country would likely figure this out.

But I think the main reason dealt with what happened in the 2006 election.  A lot of conservatives that year were fed up with republicans in congress acting like democrats in their spending, their morals, and their stance on immigration among other things.  And so they stayed home, and let the democrats take control.  Their rationale was that this would “teach the republicans a lesson.”  I suspect many held to the same strategy in 08.  Others knew McCain was no conservative and could not justify voting for him.  Still others actually believed the words of a slick politician, that he was somehow above politics.  And two years were about enough time for these folks to see the mess the country would be in.  Quite frankly I’m surprised it isn’t worse.

Still, I don’t think I ever expected the country’s mood to be this strong.  I am surprised to see the uprising that points to a republican gain of historic proportion.  I am glad to see people finally awake from slumber.  And I hope they are genuinely informed, know who the democrats in Washington are and what they seek to do, and will act to save the country.  If we do not, the United States of America we have all known may be lost forever.  GO VOTE ON TUESDAY!