And So It Begins…

The first in a long line of stories like this.  The democrats and President Obama told us over and over the health care overhaul would lower the cost of employer’s health insurance plans.  And already we are getting stories that not only are they not going down at all, they are going up so high – because of the bill – that some companies are looking at dropping coverage altogether.

This is precisely what conservatives warned about before the law was passed.  And many people recognized this.  But there were others who refused to look at the actual plan, and just because Obama was trying to “fix” the system, automatically agreed with it.

But this is just the start.  Obama is on record saying he wants a so-called “single payer health care system” – that is, total government control with little or no private insurance.  He is also on record saying he doesn’t think the government can eliminate employer insurance immediately, but that they can create circumstances that will make it happen in about a decade.  And so, we get Obamacare, designed to drive employers away from offering health benefits to employees, and to drive the private insurance business out of business.

How does the new law do this?  By placing unreasonable demands on health insurance companies, such as not allowing them to reject anyone for “preexisting conditions”; allowing people to wait until after they get sick or injured to purchase insurance, which must then cover the ailment; and removing lifetime caps on benefits, just to name a few.  In order to stay in business, insurance companies must raise their rates so much, employers can no longer afford to purchase it for their employees. Even though the law mandates businesses provide insurance, the fines for not doing so are much cheaper than the insurance would be.

Only one small problem with this scheme.  People weren’t supposed to figure this out until after Obama was reelected, the “public option” was created to save the day, and we were well on our way to British style health care.

There’s also another big problem.  Until said “public option” happens, a whole lot of people aren’t going to be able to afford insurance, which the law mandates they have.  I wonder if those who blindly followed our President on this matter even knew that the big “fix” says if you don’t have insurance you face fines or jail.

That is why this must be repealed.  It was a horrible idea from the start and will result in a lot of misery if it isn’t stopped.  And I remind you who is hurt the most by this: the poor.  Just your philanthropic democrat party looking out for you.  Aren’t we all grateful?