Back to Reality

Oh the promises of the health care bill.  We were told, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it!” and “Your rates will go down!” and even “This is not some government takeover of health care.”  Just like that, with a stroke of a pen, Obama was going to make everything alright for everyone.  And only mean, rotten, nasty republicans stood in the way, denying that such claims could possibly be true.

No matter how hard you wish something to be, it doesn’t mean that it will be as you wish.  And if you do the things that are proven to fail, you will get failure.  Conservatives warned that if the government forces insurance companies to cover everyone for everything, they will either have to drastically raise their rates to stay in business, or simply go out of business.

And it is already happening.  Check out this article.  Companies right now are having to beg the government for a temporary exemption from the new rules so that they won’t have to drop health care coverage for their employees.  And the government is granting the exemptions, because we are a month away from an election, and they don’t want to give voters any more reason to vote them out of office.

And you know who is being hurt the most by all of this?  The little guy.  Those with low income and those in the middle class.  Our great leader, who claimed as many democrats do, to be the champion of the poor, is helping to make them even poorer.  That is my contention of the liberal position: it hurts the very ones it claims to care about.  It is not liberalism that cures poverty.  Rather liberalism makes the problem much worse.  Prime example: Obamacare.

Get used to it America.  This is what “change” looks like.