Temper Tantrums

We’ve all seen it: the 4 year old who doesn’t get what he wants, and proceeds to throw a fit, crying and screaming, and making everyone around uncomfortable.  It’s not just kids who have these tantrums.  Grown ups throw them as well.  Like what is happening in the Alaska and Delaware Senate races.

In the republican primary in Alaska, standing US Senator Lisa Murkowski, thought by many to be a republican in name only, lost to the more conservative Joe Miller.  The cry of the party officials was for unity, that though we may not agree all the time, that we needed to put that aside and support a candidate (Murkowski) that could win the general election.  When Murkowski lost, did she put differences aside and unite for the good of the party?  No.  Instead, she ran as an independent.  And did so for probably more reasons than just wanting to win.  It’s very possibly the old tantrum coming out.  “Well if I can’t have it, then you won’t either!”  Problem is, she isn’t splitting the republican vote in Alaska.  Polls show her actually splitting the democrat vote, and giving Miller an even bigger advantage.

Ditto in Delaware, where the republican party establishment was spitting mad at the tea party for ruining the chances of their beloved Mike Castle.  Before the primary it was, “We must unite for Castle!  He’s the only one who can win!  We have to get those 51 seats!”  After Christine O’Donnell’s victory, many in the party acted like the aforementioned 4 year old, and said “forget you!”  Castle has been flirting with a write-in candidacy himself.  But I thought we had to put aside our differences to elect a republican.  After all, don’t we need those 51 seats?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have those in our government who love power, and love it too much.  It is these people that need to be shown the door, so that someone who wishes to represent the people can govern.  That’s what our system is all about.  “We the people” have a right to fair and true representation.  Someone who looks down on us, and thinks they know better how to run our lives than we do, need not be in power.  We, the people, will have our say in that next month.