Go Vote!

On election night in 2008, I said that I wanted to go sign up to help at my local republican headquarters immediately, because in two years, the country would be ready to throw out almost every single democrat.  I don’t remember completely why I said that.  Part of it was out of frustration, as I knew that we had just elected a radical man from the far left, who would do untold damage to the country.  And in two years the country would likely figure this out.

But I think the main reason dealt with what happened in the 2006 election.  A lot of conservatives that year were fed up with republicans in congress acting like democrats in their spending, their morals, and their stance on immigration among other things.  And so they stayed home, and let the democrats take control.  Their rationale was that this would “teach the republicans a lesson.”  I suspect many held to the same strategy in 08.  Others knew McCain was no conservative and could not justify voting for him.  Still others actually believed the words of a slick politician, that he was somehow above politics.  And two years were about enough time for these folks to see the mess the country would be in.  Quite frankly I’m surprised it isn’t worse.

Still, I don’t think I ever expected the country’s mood to be this strong.  I am surprised to see the uprising that points to a republican gain of historic proportion.  I am glad to see people finally awake from slumber.  And I hope they are genuinely informed, know who the democrats in Washington are and what they seek to do, and will act to save the country.  If we do not, the United States of America we have all known may be lost forever.  GO VOTE ON TUESDAY!


And So It Begins…

The first in a long line of stories like this.  The democrats and President Obama told us over and over the health care overhaul would lower the cost of employer’s health insurance plans.  And already we are getting stories that not only are they not going down at all, they are going up so high – because of the bill – that some companies are looking at dropping coverage altogether.

This is precisely what conservatives warned about before the law was passed.  And many people recognized this.  But there were others who refused to look at the actual plan, and just because Obama was trying to “fix” the system, automatically agreed with it.

But this is just the start.  Obama is on record saying he wants a so-called “single payer health care system” – that is, total government control with little or no private insurance.  He is also on record saying he doesn’t think the government can eliminate employer insurance immediately, but that they can create circumstances that will make it happen in about a decade.  And so, we get Obamacare, designed to drive employers away from offering health benefits to employees, and to drive the private insurance business out of business.

How does the new law do this?  By placing unreasonable demands on health insurance companies, such as not allowing them to reject anyone for “preexisting conditions”; allowing people to wait until after they get sick or injured to purchase insurance, which must then cover the ailment; and removing lifetime caps on benefits, just to name a few.  In order to stay in business, insurance companies must raise their rates so much, employers can no longer afford to purchase it for their employees. Even though the law mandates businesses provide insurance, the fines for not doing so are much cheaper than the insurance would be.

Only one small problem with this scheme.  People weren’t supposed to figure this out until after Obama was reelected, the “public option” was created to save the day, and we were well on our way to British style health care.

There’s also another big problem.  Until said “public option” happens, a whole lot of people aren’t going to be able to afford insurance, which the law mandates they have.  I wonder if those who blindly followed our President on this matter even knew that the big “fix” says if you don’t have insurance you face fines or jail.

That is why this must be repealed.  It was a horrible idea from the start and will result in a lot of misery if it isn’t stopped.  And I remind you who is hurt the most by this: the poor.  Just your philanthropic democrat party looking out for you.  Aren’t we all grateful?

Surprise, Surprise

From Fox News: “Billionaire Soros Pays for Additional Reporters for NPR Partner Initiative”

“[B]illionaire liberal icon George Soros has donated $1.8 million to hire 100 new reporters for 50 of [NPR’s] member stations.

The money will go to launch a project called Impact of Government, which Soros’ Open Society Foundation says will ‘bring greater transparency and accountability to the workings of state capitals across the country.'”

Right.  Now imagine if Rush Limbaugh had announced he was donating $2 million to Fox News for the hiring of additional reporters.  What do you think the media line would be?

Haven’t heard much of a stir from the press over this announcement.  From one liberal to another liberal organization, more skewed information is coming your way, courtesy of NPR and your tax dollars.

Surprise, surprise.

Back to Reality

Oh the promises of the health care bill.  We were told, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it!” and “Your rates will go down!” and even “This is not some government takeover of health care.”  Just like that, with a stroke of a pen, Obama was going to make everything alright for everyone.  And only mean, rotten, nasty republicans stood in the way, denying that such claims could possibly be true.

No matter how hard you wish something to be, it doesn’t mean that it will be as you wish.  And if you do the things that are proven to fail, you will get failure.  Conservatives warned that if the government forces insurance companies to cover everyone for everything, they will either have to drastically raise their rates to stay in business, or simply go out of business.

And it is already happening.  Check out this article.  Companies right now are having to beg the government for a temporary exemption from the new rules so that they won’t have to drop health care coverage for their employees.  And the government is granting the exemptions, because we are a month away from an election, and they don’t want to give voters any more reason to vote them out of office.

And you know who is being hurt the most by all of this?  The little guy.  Those with low income and those in the middle class.  Our great leader, who claimed as many democrats do, to be the champion of the poor, is helping to make them even poorer.  That is my contention of the liberal position: it hurts the very ones it claims to care about.  It is not liberalism that cures poverty.  Rather liberalism makes the problem much worse.  Prime example: Obamacare.

Get used to it America.  This is what “change” looks like.

Temper Tantrums

We’ve all seen it: the 4 year old who doesn’t get what he wants, and proceeds to throw a fit, crying and screaming, and making everyone around uncomfortable.  It’s not just kids who have these tantrums.  Grown ups throw them as well.  Like what is happening in the Alaska and Delaware Senate races.

In the republican primary in Alaska, standing US Senator Lisa Murkowski, thought by many to be a republican in name only, lost to the more conservative Joe Miller.  The cry of the party officials was for unity, that though we may not agree all the time, that we needed to put that aside and support a candidate (Murkowski) that could win the general election.  When Murkowski lost, did she put differences aside and unite for the good of the party?  No.  Instead, she ran as an independent.  And did so for probably more reasons than just wanting to win.  It’s very possibly the old tantrum coming out.  “Well if I can’t have it, then you won’t either!”  Problem is, she isn’t splitting the republican vote in Alaska.  Polls show her actually splitting the democrat vote, and giving Miller an even bigger advantage.

Ditto in Delaware, where the republican party establishment was spitting mad at the tea party for ruining the chances of their beloved Mike Castle.  Before the primary it was, “We must unite for Castle!  He’s the only one who can win!  We have to get those 51 seats!”  After Christine O’Donnell’s victory, many in the party acted like the aforementioned 4 year old, and said “forget you!”  Castle has been flirting with a write-in candidacy himself.  But I thought we had to put aside our differences to elect a republican.  After all, don’t we need those 51 seats?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have those in our government who love power, and love it too much.  It is these people that need to be shown the door, so that someone who wishes to represent the people can govern.  That’s what our system is all about.  “We the people” have a right to fair and true representation.  Someone who looks down on us, and thinks they know better how to run our lives than we do, need not be in power.  We, the people, will have our say in that next month.