Crashing the System

I know, I know, President Obama is not some kind of Marxist thinking man who wants more power than the Constitution grants him, and wants to turn America into a socialist nation.  I know.  Completely far out idea.  But…think crazily with me for a few moments.  Suppose he were.  Suppose someone else was – not even Obama.  How would he go about doing it?  How could he get around the limits of the Constitution and grab almost absolute power?  And how could he fundamentally transform the nation’s governing style into socialism or even communism?  Short of some kind of military coup – let’s rule that one out – how else could he do it?  Well, perhaps the easiest and most predictable way for such a man to be successful would be to crash the economic system.  Bring the whole thing down and you make the people utterly powerless.  Make the people to become helpless and you make them cry out for someone, anyone to fix the mess.  In such a time of desperation, the people would gladly surrender any number of their liberties in exchange for a promise of making things better.  And that is exactly how dictators rise.  A dictator promises the people he will take care of them.  He will fix things and in fact, make them better than they ever were.  He will put an end to unfairness.  No longer will any employer take advantage of them.  And because of their absolute power over the economy, the dictator can promise any number of grand and glorious things that he will never deliver.  And the people will have no way to stop him since they have given up their rights to remove him from power.

I know…crazy, right?  Someone like Barack Obama would never have anything of the sort in mind.  Ridiculous.  Sure, he was mentored by communists like Frank Marshall Davis and Marxists like his pastor of 20 years.  But come on, seriously?  If someone were serious about crashing the economy, they could be doing things that are obviously stupid for anyone who actually wants to help a hurting economy.  Things like spending so much money that the national debt would almost double in a very short time.  Things like shutting down companies, and even industries to put people out of work on a wide scale.  He could create more and more government bureaucracies that feed on taxpayer money.  Then he could raise taxes and keep even more people out of work and from spending.  If he were actually serious about grabbing so much power, he could take over companies and have the government run them.  Oh, and he could even appoint people to his service that he could give massive amounts of power to, who were unelected and unconfirmed by Congress, who would be unaccountable to the people, and only to him.  How about this:  He could have Congress pass a bill that would in effect put the government in charge of the whole healthcare system, a bill designed to put the private insurance business out of business, and make everyone dependent on the government for their healthcare, and in the process put even more people out of work.

I mean really, can anyone think of something more absurd?  It…uh…I mean…umm…Hmmm….Seems he’s done every one of those things.  But he can’t want that ; he promised hope and…change.  Did anyone stop to ask him what kind of change?