Middle Class Tax Cuts? What Tax Cuts?

It’s important to understand the type of people we’re dealing with in Washington.  Many of them are dishonest.  And over the last nine years we heard several of them constantly talking about the Bush “tax cuts for the rich.”  Remember that?  The democrats hammered away with the mallet of class warfare, trying to convince us that republicans were destroying the economy because they only cared about the rich.  Every time I heard that phrase I became angry, because I knew that everyone who paid taxes got a tax cut.  I was struggling to make ends meet at the time, and the extra I saved because of those tax cuts was much needed.  Naturally those who paid more in taxes got to keep a greater amount, but to hear the left tell it, only the rich got tax cuts.  In fact, a google search of “tax cuts for the rich” yields over 14 million hits.

But now, all of a sudden, the White House is talking about extending the tax cuts for the middle class, that were set to expire (along with the tax cuts for the “rich”) at the end of this year.  Now wait a minute.  What tax cuts for the middle class?  You spent nearly a decade telling us in so many words that the middle class didn’t get a tax break – it was only the rich.  Now you say they have benefited all along?

Furthermore, Obama and the democrats are in a tough spot because they said repeatedly that these tax cuts were what got us into this economic mess. Now, faced with what to do about a struggling economy, they are talking about extending them?  Hmm…

Could it be that they have just been plain dishonest this whole time?  Could it be that they have tried to convince us that keeping more of our hard-earned money was actually a bad thing, because someone else got to keep more of theirs?  Look closely and you’ll see the nasty side of politics, where deception, partial information, and catch phrases rule the day.  And I hope you’ll begin to be skeptical of those in power and how much power they amass.