The Sad “I Told You So”

I would venture to say that hardly anyone who argued against the Obama Administration’s health care law on the grounds it will fund abortion with taxpayer money, is surprised to hear this. According to Congress’ own research, it funds abortion with taxpayer money. Recall we were assured over and over again that it would not, and we were even called liars by the President. Bart Stupak and his gang boldly stood against Obamacare on these grounds…until they folded like lawn chairs. The President even personally guaranteed there would be no taxpayer money to fund abortion, by issuing an executive order to solve a problem he said didn’t exist in the first place.

But now, we learn what we knew all along. Your tax dollars will be used to kill innocent human life. Had the administration argued such a thing should be permitted from the get-go, this would be a non-issue. But they lied about this as they have lied about a growing number of things.