A big day for the country

This just in…BIG news…great news!  36,000 people are out of work!


Senate majority leader Harry Reid actually said,

“Today is a big day in America.  Only 36 thousand people lost their jobs today, which is really good.”

Now imagine if George W. Bush had said that.  There would be no end to Reid’s, the democrats’, and the media’s ensuing assault.

No sir, 36,000 more people without a job is not good news.  When people go back to work is good news, but your party won’t let them.

Reid and the democrats are helping usher in higher unemployment.  Their actions and power grabs are keeping the economy from improving.  The unemployment rate remains at just under 10 percent, after the democrats promised it would not touch 8 percent if we passed the stimulus bill a year ago.

Seriously?  “A big day in America”?  If this is his definition of success, I’d hate to see his idea of failure.  Actually I already did see it: the 4.5% rate of the Bush years.