How can the media report this with a straight face?

This is rich.  The government is creating a panel of people to tell the government how it can stop spending so much money.  As Rush Limbaugh put it: “What is the liberals’ answer to out of control government spending?  You create more government to study it!”

Really, which is more ridiculous:

Asking a group of people to figure out how you spent trillions of dollars you don’t have and how you can stop it?


Expecting this commission to give the government the honest assessment that they are the ones at fault and to stop spending money they don’t have?

What this is all about is president Obama setting the stage for raising taxes.  He is going to pass the blame (as he does for everything) to someone else for raising taxes he promised he would not raise.  There is no point to this panel in more ways than one.  They will simply report back to Obama that he must raise taxes on the middle class as part of a “broad, sweeping reform.”  The president then will say, “I had no choice.  We were in a mess that someone else made and I inherited, so I had to raise your taxes.”  And by the way, the mess started when his party took over congress and he voted for every spending increase he now condemns.  It was his party that gave us the housing crisis and its long-term effects, and it is he and his party that refuse to fix the problem.

Long story short: liberal economics never work.  And you will get a great view of this for the next three years.  The good news is, three years is all it hast to last.