The Blame Game

Ok, I joked about it, but this is getting ridiculous. Have you ever heard someone blame another for more problems than Barack Obama has? This is the sign of someone who is not a true leader. Leaders get results. They step up and take responsibility. They don’t make excuses. Leaders solve problems, not complain about them.

But here you see a man who has been trained to agitate and rile people up in opposition to whatever the issue at hand is. Community organizers gin up discontent and then make demands of those in power. Well, now he is in power. And he doesn’t know what to do. Oh sure, he is doing as he promised in remaking the country. But all he knows is what he was taught by elites in the ivy league, and by communist and Marxist mentors (see Davis, Frank Marshall and Wright, Jeremiah). And when he has tried all of these “great ideas” he will see that they fail, even as they now are. But he will not be able to accept it. It must be someone else’s fault.

Obama is like the man at a vaudeville show who says, “Man, the crowd was so angry at the previous guy’s act that they kept booing all through mine.”

Obama will continue to foist his troubles onto former president Bush. But this is not what Americans want. We want someone to lead, someone to find solutions to problems, someone to accept responsibility.

It is sad. But Obama is who he is. He has not changed. If America had done its homework in November we wouldn’t have to deal with this. But we were too caught up in fairytale visions of hope and change and everyone holding hands & singing. Now we are facing the consequences of our decisions: the spending of our money so high that it will put the next three generations in debt they likely can never repay, the continued decline of the economy, higher taxes, and less freedom. And while the president will continue to whine about his predecessor, America will trudge slowly on in misery. It will be a very hard lesson to learn, and I surely hope we learn it, before the land of the free loses her freedom.