Change Isn’t Always Good

Rush Limbaugh nailed it on his “morning update” today:

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Obama Administration and the candidate who ran on “hope and change.”

A year ago, unemployment hovered around 7 percent. That has changed. Now it’s 10 percent. If you include those who’ve given up looking for work it’s near 17 percent.

A year ago, Americans were unhappy with the level of government spending. Change happened. Today, Americans are livid over monstrous, unimaginable, out-of-control spending. Democrat’s near-trillion-dollar stimulus programs have been exposed as political slush funds – which have not created “shovel-ready” jobs. Adding insult to injury, the Administration produced fraudulent reports claiming job creation in nonexistent congressional districts. That’s on top of bailout after bailout – benefiting unions and other Democrat allies.

More change. Taxes, much higher and Democrats plan to raise them further, to pay for a massive health care takeover Americans don’t want and a cap-and-tax energy plan that will further cripple the economy.

A year later, national security concerns have changed. Now we worry about terrorists being housed in our backyards instead of Club Gitmo – and Fruit-of-Kaboom bombers sitting next to us on planes. Meanwhile, Obama killed missile defense plans, envisions dismantling our nuclear superiority, while bowing to kings and emperors as he apologizes for America.

Yes, we’ve had enormous “change.” For the worse. But “hope” is still flourishing.

I hope the election in Massachusetts is a sign of better days to come.  But as long as this group is in charge, the public will remain miserable.