Rush is Right

There is a way out of the economic mess we’re in.  It didn’t have to be this bad, but the actions of president Obama and the democrats in congress helped make it so.  The solutions are very simple.  Government, get out of the way.

In Rush Limbaugh’s words:

There are ways out of this and new taxes are not the answer.  Here comes conservatism again in its ascendancy.  Cut taxes, spur job growth, revenue will soar.  Cut taxes, incentivize investment.  Don’t punish achievement!  Reward it!  Would you punish your kid for getting a good grade saying it’s not fair you got an A and our neighbor’s kid got a C, so you’re both going to get B’s, would you do that?  Would you punish your own kid?  Why do we sit by and let successful people get punished because they’ve succeeded?  Reward it!  Incentivize it!  Then get out of the way for all the jobs created and all the revenue flowing into federal, state, and city coffers because tax revenue will be up.  It might be a good time to start working the waste and fraud in Medicare that Obama’s always promising to do in order to pay for yet another entitlement.  They all seem to be just sitting and waiting for something.  Nobody’s trying the obvious solutions. 

Wasn’t the reason we bailed out the banks to make sure they could stay in business?  And isn’t the only way for a business to stay in business to make a profit?  Now that the banks have somewhat recovered (there were banks who did not want the TARP money but were forced to take it), and paid back what was lent and are showing profits, Obama wants to punish them.  How brilliant.  Let’s make sure there is no continuous growth in the economy.  Let’s huff and puff about creating and saving jobs, and helping small businesses succeed.  Until they make a profit.  Then let’s punish them, tax them, steal from them, so that they are worse off than before.  That’s liberal economics 101.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs actually said this week:

“We’ll be happy to have a campaign on whether you’re for the status quo, whether you’re for protecting insurance industry profits, whether you’re for protecting bank company profits, or whether you’re on the side of the American people.”

So the American people have no say.  We have been dubbed by the white house as officially against profits.  And again, why then did we bail out the banks last fall?  If the administration stands against profit, it stands against all business.  And here’s the not so secret anymore secret:  This administration sees anything it can’t control as a threat to it.  It sees individual success as a threat to its power.  And because of that, you can count on the president and the congress making it unbearably tough for any business to succeed.  They will of course blame the outcome on the greedy business owners, but will say nothing of the greedy government.

Here’s a prediction that requires no limb to go out on.  As long as this administration is in power and unchecked by the congress and the courts, the economy will continue to get worse, much worse.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.