No Observation Allowed

Tell me you didn’t buy into it.  All the “hope and change” slogans of 2008.  You didn’t really believe Barack Obama when he said things like,

“We will work on this process [healthcare change] publicly.  It will be on CSPAN, it will be streaming over the net.”

I didn’t.  But I guess that’s easy for me to say.  I researched Mr. Obama, checked his past, his associations, his voting record, his theology.  I knew the kind of person we were dealing with.  This is no surprise at all to me.  This is a man who is obsessed with increasing his power and that of the state.  This is a government who wants to seize as much control of our lives as possible.  And they will stop at nothing to get that power.  If it means breaking a few promises here and there, they don’t care.

And here’s the bigger point: they don’t care about you, either.  They don’t care about the “little guy,” unless you count making sure they stay utterly dependent upon government.  Liberals have done an excellent job making the poor give up on ever being independent.  They have made sure lower income people stay dependent on the government for survival.  Now they turn to the middle class.  If they can win that group, America as we know it is over.  And this so-called “healthcare reform” is the biggest step in seeing that come to reality.

Instead of doing this openly, as they promised, the democrats are doing it behind closed doors, with no republicans or television cameras.  They don’t want you to see it because they know you won’t like it.  Nearly two-thirds of us didn’t want what congress approved as it was.  But they had near absolute power, and they were going to take full advantage of it.

But make no mistake, Obama and the democrats own this.  When this comes about, and we all see how bad it makes our healthcare system, don’t blame Bush, or talk show hosts, blame the candidate of “change.”  After all, you really didn’t believe he cared about you, did you?