President Obama went to Baltimore to lecture – uh, I mean – talk with republicans about working in a “bipartisan” manner. And during his speech – I mean – discussion, he said something that I think is key to understanding the man.

“How some of you went after this [healthcare] bill, you’d think that this thing was some Bolshevik plot.” (laughter) “No, I mean that’s how you guys presented it. The way these issues are being presented by the Republicans is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives.”

He never denied that charge. He only posited that such a notion was absurd, that it needed no response. And this is a classic tactic of Obama. He will throw out what he is doing or intends to do in rhetoric supposed to mimic his critics and in a manner that suggests that such things cannot possibly be true. But he does not deny it.

Take this from the campaign trail. In talking about redistributing other people‘s money, Obama said:

“John McCain and Sarah Palin, they call this socialistic. You know, I don’t know when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

There was no denial that his policy is socialistic, only a maligning of his opponent.

Take another example. In October of this past year, Obama dismissed criticism of his handling of the economy by passing blame to the Bush administration, and in doing so, said:

“When I’m busy, and [Speaker of the House] Nancy [Pelosi]’s busy, with a mop cleaning up somebody else’s mess, we don’t want somebody sitting back saying, ‘you’re not holding the mop the right way’ … ‘you’re not mopping fast enough’ … ‘that’s a socialist mop.’ Grab a mop; we need help.”

Again, Obama does not deny that his mop is indeed socialist. This time, he focuses on the problem he is working to fix and ridicules anyone suggesting socialism as being petty and not concerned with fixing the problem.

This is something we will see more of. The policies this administration wants to impose are completely designed to grab more power over our lives. But they cannot be open and honest about that or they would be heavily resisted. But they also cannot deny history. They cannot deny that socialism has brought us some of the worst atrocities mankind has ever seen. Watch and see…when challenged with charges of socialism and government control, they will agree that those atrocities were horrible and worthy of condemnation. They will then mock anyone who would suggest the administration is going down the same path as out of their mind. They will not deny the charge, only suggest the charge is ridiculous. In doing so, they kill two birds with one stone: 1)They don’t have to lie about who they are (they can in fact tell you exactly who and what they are), and 2)They can paint their opponents as paranoid lunatics who think the administration wants radical amounts of power the Constitution does not grant.

But make no mistake, that is exactly what they want.


Obama Does It Again

How much of a good luck charm is the power hungry president?  On the very day he called the number one team in college basketball, Kentucky, they lose their first game of the year.  So inspiring was his speech to the Wildcats, they went out and promptly laid an egg.

Oh wait…this just in…it was Bush’s fault.

Time to Change

Over the weekend I watched a historical account of the horrors of communism and unchecked government power on the Glenn Beck Program.  I was sick to my stomach as I saw how many millions of people were murdered by power hungry men.  Such acts scream out loud “This is man without God!”  Without a moral restraint, we are capable of unthinkable evil.  Yet as I watched and thanked the Lord for our country, my conscience grew even more troubled as I thought about what we have been doing for the last 37 years.

The estimates are that Communism killed 100 million people in the 20th century alone.  A staggering number, none of us can really comprehend it.  100,000,000 people murdered: it is nothing short of pure evil.

And yet, in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave, we have murdered 50 million of our own.  Half of that unthinkable number of unborn people in less than four decades, dead.  50,000,000 people that never had the chance to live life, fall in love, help someone else, serve God here on the earth.  50 million murdered on our soil, yet kept quiet, protected as a “right” for someone else, even celebrated by part of our society.

Can we really expect God to withhold judgment much longer? 

America, we must repent, if we want to survive.  It may not be too late.  If we turn from sin and humbly ask God for forgiveness, He is merciful and loving, and will forgive.  But if we harden our hearts and continue down this path, we will be destroyed.  How can we expect to escape judgment for our wickedness?  America, turn!  America, it is time to change.

See What I Mean?

There was our president this week, inspiring me to continue with my new year’s resolution.  In assessing the surprising election of Scott Brown – a republican – in Massachusetts, Obama found a way to blame former president Bush.

The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.   People are angry, and they’re frustrated.  Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.

So the people of the Bay State were so mad at Bush that they elected a republican to the US senate for the first time in nearly 40 years?  Right.  I don’t think Obama really believes this, but he knows the press will eat it up, and that some people will buy it.

During the election season of 2008, people were mad at Bush mostly for acting like a democrat – out of control spending, running up a big federal deficit, abandoning free market principles in bailing out the banks, wanting amnesty for illegal immigrants, etc, etc.  After the election I shook my head at many I knew who, for those reasons and more, voted for a man who I knew would only do more of the same.  But they fell for the rhetoric of hope and change.  Refusing to look at actions instead of listening to words while lamenting typical politicians who are all talk and no action, America now rises up in anger.  Better late than never I suppose.

Yay, Mr. President!  Stay with the new year’s resolution!

Change Isn’t Always Good

Rush Limbaugh nailed it on his “morning update” today:

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Obama Administration and the candidate who ran on “hope and change.”

A year ago, unemployment hovered around 7 percent. That has changed. Now it’s 10 percent. If you include those who’ve given up looking for work it’s near 17 percent.

A year ago, Americans were unhappy with the level of government spending. Change happened. Today, Americans are livid over monstrous, unimaginable, out-of-control spending. Democrat’s near-trillion-dollar stimulus programs have been exposed as political slush funds – which have not created “shovel-ready” jobs. Adding insult to injury, the Administration produced fraudulent reports claiming job creation in nonexistent congressional districts. That’s on top of bailout after bailout – benefiting unions and other Democrat allies.

More change. Taxes, much higher and Democrats plan to raise them further, to pay for a massive health care takeover Americans don’t want and a cap-and-tax energy plan that will further cripple the economy.

A year later, national security concerns have changed. Now we worry about terrorists being housed in our backyards instead of Club Gitmo – and Fruit-of-Kaboom bombers sitting next to us on planes. Meanwhile, Obama killed missile defense plans, envisions dismantling our nuclear superiority, while bowing to kings and emperors as he apologizes for America.

Yes, we’ve had enormous “change.” For the worse. But “hope” is still flourishing.

I hope the election in Massachusetts is a sign of better days to come.  But as long as this group is in charge, the public will remain miserable.

Rush is Right

There is a way out of the economic mess we’re in.  It didn’t have to be this bad, but the actions of president Obama and the democrats in congress helped make it so.  The solutions are very simple.  Government, get out of the way.

In Rush Limbaugh’s words:

There are ways out of this and new taxes are not the answer.  Here comes conservatism again in its ascendancy.  Cut taxes, spur job growth, revenue will soar.  Cut taxes, incentivize investment.  Don’t punish achievement!  Reward it!  Would you punish your kid for getting a good grade saying it’s not fair you got an A and our neighbor’s kid got a C, so you’re both going to get B’s, would you do that?  Would you punish your own kid?  Why do we sit by and let successful people get punished because they’ve succeeded?  Reward it!  Incentivize it!  Then get out of the way for all the jobs created and all the revenue flowing into federal, state, and city coffers because tax revenue will be up.  It might be a good time to start working the waste and fraud in Medicare that Obama’s always promising to do in order to pay for yet another entitlement.  They all seem to be just sitting and waiting for something.  Nobody’s trying the obvious solutions. 

Wasn’t the reason we bailed out the banks to make sure they could stay in business?  And isn’t the only way for a business to stay in business to make a profit?  Now that the banks have somewhat recovered (there were banks who did not want the TARP money but were forced to take it), and paid back what was lent and are showing profits, Obama wants to punish them.  How brilliant.  Let’s make sure there is no continuous growth in the economy.  Let’s huff and puff about creating and saving jobs, and helping small businesses succeed.  Until they make a profit.  Then let’s punish them, tax them, steal from them, so that they are worse off than before.  That’s liberal economics 101.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs actually said this week:

“We’ll be happy to have a campaign on whether you’re for the status quo, whether you’re for protecting insurance industry profits, whether you’re for protecting bank company profits, or whether you’re on the side of the American people.”

So the American people have no say.  We have been dubbed by the white house as officially against profits.  And again, why then did we bail out the banks last fall?  If the administration stands against profit, it stands against all business.  And here’s the not so secret anymore secret:  This administration sees anything it can’t control as a threat to it.  It sees individual success as a threat to its power.  And because of that, you can count on the president and the congress making it unbearably tough for any business to succeed.  They will of course blame the outcome on the greedy business owners, but will say nothing of the greedy government.

Here’s a prediction that requires no limb to go out on.  As long as this administration is in power and unchecked by the congress and the courts, the economy will continue to get worse, much worse.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not very fond of them, but this year I may make an exception.  We all need a goal to aim for, something to strive for, an opportunity to become better people.  For some, this will involve getting organized, for others, losing weight.  I, however, will aim much higher.  I will follow the example of our president, and not use the timeless principles of morality and hard work to accomplish what I desire.  Instead, as he does, I will blame all of my problems and my failures on George W. Bush.

May it be a good and prosperous 2010.