Don’t have the time, but I’m going to write anyway… 

Whatever your opinion of Barack Obama, you have to admit the man says things that are not presidential.  I have never heard presidents say some of the things he does.  There are things you don’t say when you hold that office, like blaming your predecessor, or saying the police acted stupidly.  You’re supposed to be above that, Mr. President.  You should have more tact than that.  But I guess none of us should be surprised since this administration is attempting to prosecute former Bush administration officials, something that third world dictators would do, but presidents of the United States certainly don’t.

And the gall!  Blaming others for things he voted for and pointing fingers at others for doing something he is doing even more of.  Case in point: his speech today at Brookings.

“One of the central goals of this administration is restoring fiscal responsibility.”

Hahahaha!  Great punch line.  An absolute joke to be sure.

“The deficit had been building dramatically over the previous eight years.  Folks passed tax cuts and expansive entitlement programs without paying for any of it, even as health care costs kept rising year after year.  These budget-busting tax cuts and spending programs were approved by many of the same people who are now waxing political about fiscal responsibility while opposing our efforts to reduce deficits by getting health care costs under control.  It’s a sight to see.”

Indeed it is, sir, since you voted for part of it!  (Yes, Barack Obama was a part of the United States senate for half of Bush’s years in office.)  And in this year alone, he has run up a deficit higher than all eight of Bush’s years combined!  And he has the gall to blame his predecessor for his budgets, some of which he even voted for! 

I feel like I’m living in either the twilight zone or a book on relativism, where words mean whatever you want them to.  This is ludicrous.  It is certainly not presidential.