Shaping Public Opinion

You have probably heard me say that the media is very good at shaping what we think, especially with politics.  What they report is taken with way too much confidence by so many.  Again, I cannot fault them for believing they should have an honest press.  But the reality is, we don’t.

I shook my head as I watched friends, very intelligent, fair-minded people, begin to believe the stories that the country disliked president Bush, who was wrecking everything.  They were convinced the economy was terrible, that our image in the world was badly damaged, that everyone but Britain hated us, that we were unjust in defending ourselves from terrorists, and evil for enjoying the fruits of capitalism.

If you fell into that deceit, may I make a simple plea to you?  Come back.  And for those who are holding fast to their conservative principles, but think they do so alone, you are far from alone.  There is much more going on in everyday America than you realize.

Rush Limbaugh had some great things to say about this Monday:

There’s a summary that Rasmussen put out on Saturday of polls.  And let me sum this up for you.  66% of the country is angry with the radical far left agenda Pelosi and Obama are pushing on America.  36% are very angry.  And 59% say the current level of anger is worse than it was during the Bush years. 

Few nations are as generous with their time and money as the US, but right now, Americans are a suspicious bunch.  This is Rasmussen, uploaded on Saturday.  66% – that’s two thirds – 66% of voters nationwide say they are at least somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government –  36% very angry.  Despite the high level of political anger last year that helped fuel Obama’s election, 59% say the current level of political anger in the country is higher than it was when Bush was president. 

Now if this surprises you, understand why.  You don’t see any of this anger reflected in media coverage.  You see the tea parties, and you see the town halls, and you see the people being mocked and made fun of.  The protests against Bush and all the anger was promoted and it was amplified, and it was made to look like the whole country hated Bush…

The country right now is angrier than it was at Bush, but you don’t know it, because it’s not being reported.  Rasmussen says a lot of that anger is directed at the people who are spending billions and billions of dollars in taxpayer money.  That helps explain why members of congress have now surpassed corporate CEOs to hold the least favorably regarded profession in the country.

Do not let the media shape your opinion.  Go check it out and make your own decision based on fact, not spin.