If it ain’t broke…

We, in the United States, have access to the best health care in the world. Our system is the envy of the rest of the planet, and many who can afford to come here for care often do. You can go on and on about the cost of it, but there is no question the best quality and availability of care is here in the USA. There are those in Congress who want to remake it. I would like to see it tweaked.

There seems to be some confusion between health care and health insurance. If you go to a hospital to be treated for an illness, you are receiving health care. Whether you or someone else pays the cost depends on whether you have health insurance.

Statistics show that about 90 percent of the country has health insurance. And more than 80 percent of us are happy with it. If you need to be treated right away, or you need to see a specialist for something like cancer, you can receive that care with immediacy unmatched in the world. The availability of technology is unrivaled. And the wait times are most often minimal. Anything sound broken about this system?

None of these things happen in socialized systems. Take a good look at what happens in places like Britain and Canada, where citizens overwhelmingly say immediate reform is needed. If you get sick, you get in line. Care is rationed out and when it is your turn, you get your “free” treatment, IF you aren’t too old or too sick.

I will not pretend our system is perfect – it is not. It needs tweaking, not remaking. And I will submit that those seeking to remake it into the image of failing systems around the world are not doing so to make it better. Their motive is political. They want as much power over our lives as possible. And health care is the principle way to do it, since all of us at one time or another need it. If they truly believed their “reform” was such a great thing, they’d be the first ones signing up for it. Instead the bills they write exempt them from the system they create. Fishy, isn’t it?