What the people want

Hearing Nancy Pelosi say “The American people want…” irks me.  More often than not, what follows that introduction is not what I want.  How do we know they even care, let alone know, what we, the American people want?

After the town hall meetings across the country, and the polling data that is available, you’d think these congressmen and senators would be changing their tune – maybe from “The American people want…” to “I think America needs…”  Of course we probably won’t hear the latter, since that could be hurtful to reelection bids.  But I really wish they would stop saying the former, unless it’s true.   The lastest numbers show 56% oppose the president’s healthcare plan while 41% support it.  If that were an election return, it’d be considered a landslide.  Yet, these same politicians continue to say “The American people want this.” 

No we don’t!