For all the talk about “being our brother’s keeper,” Obama has not done much, if anything, to help his own family

His family in Kenya still lives in poverty as they await assistance from him.  They have repeatedly asked for help to no avail.  Instead, Obama has told them to ask the local government for help.

Here we see the error of those who use religious arguments for bigger government.  They quote Scripture to tell about how we are to care for the poor, not to turn our head from our neighbor and assume another will take care of his needs.  Yet research shows unquestionably that conservatives give more of their finances and their time to help the poor.  They give because they want to.  They give because of genuine concern.  They give because they know if they leave it for the government to do, it won’t get done.

Worse yet, the more power the government has, and the more it taxes its citizens, the less ability and finances those citizens have to help those who need it. 

Worse still is the inevitable result of too much power in government: corruption.  The history books are littered with horror stories of socialist, communist, and facist regimes who oppressed, depressed, and exterminated their own citizens.  That is precisely why the founders of this nation went so far out of their way to limit the power of government.  And it is so sad to see their wisdom and their protections eroded in the name of “compassion.”  Frankly, it makes me sick.