I wish the media had half the courage of Joe Wilson

In times past, the mainstream media prided itself on being a watchdog of those in authority.  And at times, they have been.  Now, not so much.  If they had even an ounce of the courage of this South Carolina congressman, or a functioning moral compass, they too would be telling the truth, and pointing out those who aren’t.

I can’t decide whether it is more infuriating or saddening that we live in a time where politicians have decided that truth is whatever they want it to be.   Some of us preach a healthy distrust of the government, while blindly accepting what they tell us if we happen to like the candidate.  I will admit I have been guilty of this in the past.  No more.  I cannot afford to. 

During his speech to congress Wednesday night, president Obama outlined what his plan would do and what it wouldn’t do.  Since presidents do not write legislation, we must look to what the house of representatives and the senate propose.  Fortunately for us, the legislation of what would become law is available for us to see in advance.  Here is the text of the house bill, HR 3200, the most prominent piece of potential legislation on the books.  Check it out for yourself.  Read it carefully.  Then decide if you think it matches what democratic leaders are saying.

I can tell you now, though, it does not.

You can say it was out of line for a congressman to make such an outburst.  But we should be even more troubled by a president who is willing to bend, break, or makeup truth in front of the nation.