Just Words

Here is a great article from Thomas Sowell.  As conservatives like myself have been preaching since the election campaign, you must look past words of a smooth-talking candidate to find out what he or she really believes and will do in office.  Look at their past and present associations, who their friends and enemies are, who their mentors were, what their voting or policy record is, etc.  During 2008 we were told to dismiss all of that regarding president Obama because…well…because he was the greatest candidate to come along since Franklin Roosevelt.  Oh, and because republicans were lying.

Says Dr. Sowell:

The most important thing about what anyone says are not the words themselves but the credibility of the person who says them.

The words of convicted swindler Bernie Madoff were apparently quite convincing to many people who were regarded as knowledgeable and sophisticated. If you go by words, you can be led into anything.