No disagreeing allowed

Those studying the president’s healtchare bill and sounding alarms over what’s in it are being met with accusations aplenty.  I love a good, sound debate.  It’s good for the mind, both for critical thinking skills and for gaining knowledge.  But you can usually tell when one side begins to gain the upper hand…when the other begins name calling.

From Rush Limbaugh’s show today – a good breakdown of a white house post on twitter:

This tweet from the White House last night, “Health care reform opponents scale up attacks, playing politics w/ our lives & livelihood. Fight back.” Now, there are no health care reform “opponents.” Health care reform opponents scale up attacks? There are no reform opponents. We all have reform ideas. There are just those who disagree with Obama’s 1,000-page plan that Obama admits he hasn’t even read. See, we’re not allowed to disagree. We’re now “health care reform opponents scaling up attacks.” We just disagree with this debacle. So the president of the United States starts off by smearing those who have different ideas. So much for post-partisan! So much for hope and change. So much for a new era.

…Next he says those that oppose his reforms are “scaling up their attacks,” like pointing out the CBO that says this plan Obama hasn’t read is a disaster? Are they part of the group that’s attacking him? When Obama says “attacks,” he means bringing up facts after studying his deeply flawed plan that he says he hasn’t read. Then he says those opponents of his plan who have read the plan are playing politics. Obama is ramming a plan to socialize medicine into law at light speed with no one even reading the bill, except the people who have read it who are pointing out what’s in it and then he demonizes those who have read it and think it’s a bad idea by saying they are playing politics!”

“Throw away your thiking cap and agree with me.  If you don’t, you’re playing politics and are part of an attack machine.”  This is getting bizarre.