Belling nails it

This is an excerpt from Mark Belling, who guest hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show today, on cap and trade.  He not only points out the devastating effects of the bill, but also the futility of the entire effort.


Once again you have a term that’s applied that sounds so nice, so friendly: cap and trade.  What this all is is a massive tax that will kill the American economy.  And you can’t accuse critics of it of overstating things when you realize what’s in the legislation.  The problem that you face is that you don’t know which way to attack it.  The premise for cap and trade is false, and the way of approaching cap and trade is destructive to the economy. 

…We don’t make much in this country anymore.  We make some things.  We have some manufacturing industries that are still there, but a lot of our manufacturing has moved overseas.  You want to kill it all?  Pass cap and trade.  Do you want to make it impossible for Americans to be able to afford to live a quality of life that they’re used to?  Then double and triple the cost of gasoline and home heating, all of which cap and trade would do.  Because the part of the world that I come from has a whole lot of coal plants, and coal plants will be crushed under cap and trade. 

What is it?  Cap and trade is a simple thing, that we’re going to establish taxes based on your carbon footprint, and you have the ability to trade for “credits” from states where there isn’t as large of a carbon footprint.  And we’re going to establish a massive, huge government bureaucracy to oversee the entire thing and decide what is going to be taxed, what’s worthy of a credit, and what isn’t.  The goal here of course isn’t to reduce emissions and the goal isn’t to fight global warming – that’s never the goal.  The goal is control…What they want to do is be able to control American industry and decide which industries can do what and be in charge of everything.  They want to be able to control whether or not Americans are going to have coal plants.  They want to control whether or not Americans are going to drive SUVs.  Cap and trade is all about that.

But before you even get there, don’t we have to at least force them to prove that there’s a problem that this is addressing?  “We have to save the planet.”  There is no global warming going on.  Global warming stopped in 2001, if it had ever been going on in the first place.  If we are to accept the arguments of Al Gore and all the advocates of climate change and all the people who believe in climate change and global warming, they are citing the numbers from the 1980s and the 1990s that did show a modest increase in global temperatures.  I’m not denying that that happened.  But since that’s been their entire basis here – “Why, we’re warming up the planet here.  The 80s and 90s saw some of the warmest years on record.”  If we are to use those numbers, how can you ignore the elephant in the room?  And the elephant in the room is that it stopped in 2001.  There has been no warming this decade, and the decade is almost over.

…Every measure they use shows temperatures are stagnant, or if anything, declining a little bit.  Oceanic temperatures are not going up.  Atmospheric temperatures are not going up.  Temperatures in the desert are not going up.  Temperatures on the plains are not going up.  Every measure they use shows that global warming stopped in 2001.  Despite that, carbon emissions have been increasing right along the way.  So if man is causing global warming, how come the planet isn’t continuing to warm up since 2001?  Now my answer is that man never had anything to do with the rise in temperatures in the 1980s and the 1990s, that this was all made up as an excuse to go after American industry. 

This planet’s temperatures have fluctuated as long as this planet has existed, and we had a period in the 80s and the 90s where it went up.  We now have a period where the temperatures are not going up.  What will the next decade hold?  I don’t know and neither do they.  Every prediction that Gore and his people made ten years ago has turned out to be false. 

…So how are we supposed to believe that they know what temperatures are going to be in 2020 and 2030 and 2040 and 2050 if they couldn’t even get the next ten years right?

So we’re going to do all this to the American economy: we’re going to pass this major change that’s going to be so devastating to so many sectors of the country, that’s going to cost the American consumer so much money, because we’re going to fight global warming which isn’t even occurring. 

They claimed that Bush rushed us into the war in Iraq, yet they are rushing us into the destruction of the American economy to fight a problem that they can’t even prove exists anymore. 

The momentum on this issue is now on the side of the global warming dissidents.  There were several years there where climatologists were literally threatened with their academic standing if they dared to speak up and question global warming…You should see the number of prominent scientists that are now questioning this. 

…Their [global warming proponents] answer is, “We are having a pause.  There is an overall warming trend that is now pausing and it’s going to resume”…So now, if you’re going to accept the “pause argument,” we’re supposed to take this on faith.  They argue that creationists are trying to substitute faith for science.  Well what are they doing with global warming?  We should just trust them that the planet is going to start warming up again, even though there’s now been no warming for the last nine years?

…Consider what this is going to do to our nation.  If you put massive costs on industries located in states where a large portion of their electricity comes from coal plants, you will make it impossible for them to be competitive in their industries.  They will do the only thing that they’re able to do to survive, which is they’re going to move those jobs and that production to a country that isn’t stupid enough to pass cap and trade.  You want to send every last manufacturing job to China?  Then drive up the cost on American industry.  You want to kill the American consumer?  Then triple the cost of gasoline.  You want to really hit the poor?   Then double or triple the cost of electricity.  All of which will happen in states that are heavily based on coal. 

And for what?  “Well to clean the planet.”  Really?  Is the only ‘carbon footprint’ in the world here in the United States?  If we have heavily regulated industries in the United States that have carbon emissions, and we drive them to China, where there is almost no regulation on carbon emissions, are we not going to produce more carbon emissions than we have now?  Or is the only pollution that you care about the pollution that’s coming from the United States? 

…It’s devastating.  You are going to take all these jobs out of this country, and not only send the jobs, you’re just sending the pollution somewhere else where it’s even less controlled than it is here.  It is so unbelievably stupid that it’s amazing we’re at this point, where we actually had this legislation pass the House. 


Again, look closely at the policies of many of those who hold the title of “champions for the little guy” and you’ll see something a lot different than what’s packaged in the media.