Why exactly are we siding with dictators?

The situation in Honduras has caught my attention the last couple of days.  Check out Burwell Stark’s piece in the American Thinker today.  For a brief recap of events, here is his 2nd to last paragraph:

“Honduran independence has been established by history and recognized by the U.N. As an independent nation-state, Honduras has exclusive sovereignty within the limits of its jurisdiction, which are its borders. Honduras was experiencing a Constitutional crisis due to the illegal actions of its president, and the other two branches of government sought to resolve the crisis by removing the president. As a result, the U.N., the OAS and the United States have taken upon themselves to return the dictator in the making, and ally to Hugo Chavez, to power by threatening the country with lack of aid, oil and assistance. Yet the U.N., the OAS and the U.S. have no legal grounds to demand his return and have defied Honduran sovereignty and exclusive jurisdiction. It is my fear that a dangerous precedent is being set, one that opens the door to interfering with a nation-state’s government simply because its constitutional actions are disagreed with.”

From what I understand, this President decided at the end of his term that he wanted to serve longer.  The country’s constitution said he couldn’t.  He said he didn’t care…he was staying.  Dictators like Hugo Chavez threw their support behind him, as did the United States.  Wha??  The other branches of Honduran government stepped in to peacefully remove the President when his appointed time was through.  This wasn’t a coup.  This was the stopping of a coup by enforcing the laws of the land. 

As Stark points out, Honduras is a sovereign nation and is responsible for creating and enforcing its own laws.  And now the United States is joining with dictators in calling for the restoration of a President, in violation of the country’s own set of rules.  What gives?  So Obama says we cannot and should not meddle in the affairs of Iran, even when they execute their freedom-seeking citizens, but we should get right in the middle of the business of Honduras, and return to power a would-be dictator. 

I have to pose this question: is it possible that maybe, just maybe, this gives some kind of small insight into the worldview of our President?