No, Mr. President

John Piper is pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This excerpt from his message “The Baby in My Womb Leaped for Joy” is very direct. 

Two of his sentences stuck with me…that the President is trapped in a culture of deceit.  Ours is a culture that has pushed aside God’s commandments for what we decide is ok.  And as we have grown more and more comfortable in having our own way, we have become blind to what is true…blind to the point of saying killing an innocent child is ok.  Not only that, it is a “private family matter.”  If murder in the womb is protected as such, what is to keep any other number of heinous acts protected as “private family matters.”  It is perfectly right for the government to intrude into our cars and tell us we must wear our seatbelt, but it is wrong for it to intrude into the womb to protect a baby from a horrible death?  This is perhaps the strongest of evidence of a culture of deceit, and our President has bought into it.

Piper also said “We have hope in our Sovereign God.”  God is holy, He is righteous, and He is omnipotent.  God is in control, and I too have hope in Him, that He can change the hearts of our rulers and move them to Himself.